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Ivy Chaung was born in Macau and studied at the Oil Painting Faculty of the Guangzhou Institute of the Fine Art.  Upon graduation, she took up the position of the  Teacher at the same school.  She migrated to Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1997, and subsequently moved to Canada where she became a Canadian Citizen.  She is presently a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA).


Ivy has spent her whole life working with the painting creation.  She is particularly skilled at landscapes, still life, and portraits.  She has a special gift in the interpretation of the human expression in portrait paintings.


Ms.Ivy Chaung had been invited to paint portraits from


-          President of Indonesia:  Mr. Tirn Soharto and his wife

-          Mr.Hsieh Tung-Min(the sixth Vice President of the R.O.C)

-          Mr.Hau Pei-Tsun(former premier of the Republic of China and a four-star general in the R.O.C army)

-          Mr.WangYong-Qing (president of the Taisuo Group) and his wife.

-          Mr.Wang Tin-Wu (President of World Journal)

-          Dr.Peng Fang Gu (Chief of Staff of the Taiwan Veterans’s  Hospital)   and his Wife

-          President of CIBC Bank: Mr. Steward Brown

-          Miss Hong Kong:  Ms. Lin Lin Ju


Web site:  www.zhangaiwei.artron.net


E-mail:  ivychaung603@yahoo.com.cn