Art Style

Art Lasts whenever Passion Lives

by Zhiwei Tu,
ZhiwriTu:Chinese Artist of American Nationality, President, Master the Oil Painters of America

It is most appropriate to compare the artworks by Master Ai-Wai Chaung to the Waltz music of the Blue Danube. She is not only an expert of using the blue colors, but has also brought the coloring, the lights and the characteristics of the blue color to its perfection. Her scenery paintings, ocean paintings and portraits are all very romantic, radiate with youthful spirits, just like the artist herself.

Artist with her kids Artist Ivy Chaung showed her daughter and son-in-law of her alma mater in Guangzhou, China.

In the painting entitled Welcome the Wave Proudly, the use of the blue color to depict the ocean was so relaxing, pure and romantic. The brush strokes were free, flowing with endless imagination. The rocks underneath the water were clearly visible. She handled the balance of the relationships among the primary and secondary, space and solid, as well as the delightfulness of the brush in just a few strokes. This is a very good piece of artwork that is difficult to come by.

I remember one of Ms Chaung’s artwork-- My Good Friend Cindy. In this painting, the artist used purple and blue colors and the light blue clothes in the painting to reveal the target subject’s youthfulness and charm. The cheerful strokes, the concrete and dashed lines intermingled with each other, the whip and lash brush altered luridly and strikingly, together with the seemingly misty effect of the light and shadow, all these had made the painting alive with infinite zest. My Good Friend Cindy reverberates with its creator, it is lively, full of vivacity, and last but not least, lovely.