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Above photo:
Ivy Chaung enjoys outdoor biking at Whistler Mountain.
~ 2009 British Columbia, Canada


Artist and Dr. Myron Wentz
Artist Ivy Chaung and Dr. Myron Wentz, Founder and Chairman of USANA Health Sciences, Inc. Photo was taken prior to his portrait session at Sanoviv Medical Institute campus in 2012.

Ivy Chaung was born in Macao.  She was graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China with a major in Oil Painting, then she became a teacher in the same school, teaching oil paintings for years.  In the 70’s, she was an Art Journalist as well as an Editor for a newspaper company.  After the China’s cultural revolution, Ivy started her career as a professional artist.  She traveled among Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and the United States for her oil painting creations, projects and teaching.  For over half a century, she has devoted herself diligently and conscientiously to oil painting.

Ivy has created a large numbers of oil paintings with plentiful of subjects. She has successfully held over ten large-scale solo exhibitions and published eight albums of personal painting.
In 1994, she became a Canadian citizen.  Now she is a member of the US Oil Painter Association, a member of the California Artist Union, and a member of the Canadian Artist Union.
Artist and Mr. Hsieh Dong-Min
Artist Ivy Chaung and Mr. Hsieh Dong-Min, Vice-President of Taiwan (1978-1984).Photo was taken in Mr. Hsieh's home at Taiwan in 1991.
Her recent work named “Listening” was sold for 450,000RMB by Xinxinyuan International Auction Co.,Ltd. On June 2005.  Another one named “Chairman Mao Inspecting the Agricultural Machinery Factory”, which was painted together with Liang Zhaotang and Li Xingtao, was sold for 3,300,000 RMB by Huachen Auction in the autumn of 2005.
Ivy was invited by the Tianjin People’s Publishing House to publish her collection artworks “The Famous Overseas Chinese Oil Painting Artist – Ivy Chaung” and “Best Choice of the Overseas Chinese Oil Painting”.