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Above photo:
Ivy Chaung and her studio
~ 2012 Vancourver, Canada


Ivy was born in Macau, China. Graduated from primary school in Hong Kong.


  • 1954-1958 Affiliated High School of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 
  • 1958-1962 BFA, Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Professional Experience:
  • 1962-1964 Taught Oil Painting at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
  • 1964-1979 Created a large amount of illustrations and pictures in conjunction with the articles published in"Guangdong Pictorial".Became a fine arts editor of the Provincial People's Publishing House, and was specifically in charge of the selection and organization of provincial posters. Created advertisement posters such as"Commemorating Premier Zhou". 
  • 1979-2012 Established"Ai-Wai Chaung's Art Studio" in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vancouver. Engaged in fine arts creation and education.

Recent Auction Records:
  • The oil painting"Listening Respectfully", painted in 2004, was sold by Beijing Xinxinyuan International Auction Co., Ltd. at a transaction price of 450,000RMB in June, 2005.
  • The oil painting"Mao Zedong Inspected Agricultural Machinery Plant", painted jointly by Liang Zhaotang, Li Xingtao and Aiwei Chaung in 2005, was sold by"Huachen" at a transaction price of 3,300,000RMB in 2005.
  • The oil painting"Hong Kong Shek O" was sold by Guangzhou Guardian International Auctions Co., Ltd at a transaction price of 200,000RMB in 2006.